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KeywordLuv: a must have wordpress plugin

October 2nd, 2009

KeywordLuv is the latest hot wordpress plugin. It did not officially catch on fire yet, but it will. I won’t be surprised to find it built in next versions of wordpress. So what is it anyway? From the publisher’s website:

Description: Reward your commentators by separating their name from their keywords in the link to their website, giving them improved anchor text.

- Stephan Cronin

keywordluv-google-wonder-wheelIn other words it lets commentators leave a comment and allow area for their name and keywords while showing clear separation.  Instead of having Dedicated Advanced Hosting or Magento Plugins post comments on your site, the author of the comment can leave their name and get the credit they want with the keywords they selected. Three immediate benefits arise from this plugin/feature:

  1. Clear separation between author name and the keyword.
  2. Since the plugin needs a DoFollow plugin installed and the keywords entice authors to comment on your posts, more people will potentially join the discussion.
  3. Ability to separate between spammers and non spammers easily (for now).

There was a tiny issue with inove and the usage of this plugin. Next week, I will share with you how to address the issue in the iNove theme.

Let me know if you find this plugin useful or not.

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  1. | #1

    Can someone explain to me how you “. . . separate between spammers and non spammers easily”


  2. | #2

    You really can not tell a spammer from a non spammer. The only real difference is the quality of post they leave on your site.

  3. | #3

    Keywordluv is absolutely an essential plugin for any blogs. Using of it helps in to key in a real name and also the keyword, and blog owners can easily reply to their comment posters mentioning their name rather using their business name. My blog has it enabled long back and I have some real quality visitors making meaningful comments.

    @chuck- Haven’t you enabled akismet plugin? It takes care of most of the spammers.

    @Tim – neat classification and explanation on identifying spammers and non-spammers.

  4. | #4

    I definitely think this plug-in has caught fire and gained a lot of popularity on the Internet. It is something that should be used to reward commenters for their contributions, but you do have to watch out for some serious spam. If you’re ready to delete a lot of spam, I think it is a fantastic plug-in!

  5. | #5

    The KeywordLuv plugin seems like a fair trade off to me, so long as you’re leaving constructive comments and not just “excellent information, thanks for posting” or somesuch! I think if I ran a personal blog I’d have it installed, best to give people an incentive to comment and then delete the rubbish, rather than have noone comment at all!

  6. | #6

    I am one of keywordluv die-hard fan.
    I am addicted to this plugin-hosted blogs, it is really rewarding and at the same time gave chance to bloggers to contribute their point of views.

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