About Activo

September 30th, 2013

We are a small team of web developers based in the silicon valley. We build, manage, and promote websites and web applications. Our goal is to increase your site’s value!

As we strive to offer our clients supreme value our team is constantly focusing on the latest trends in web applications both in the commercial and the open source world.

We are known for listening to our clients and often pushing the envelop with Web 2.0 technologies, AJAX, applied design patterns, and best usage of existing frameworks and products. To learn more visit our main site or contact us:

Email: info@activoinc.com
Phone: (213) 599-8300
Toll Free: (888) 897-7775

Currently providing the following services:

Activo supports a variety of commercial products and open source projects to help you drive results on your website.

Content management systems:

eCommerce and shopping cart systems:

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