July 20th, 2009

A collection of valuable files for any webmaster out there. These files introduce various degrees of improvements to existing systems and serve as necessary collection of tools for web developers managing related systems. Enjoy!

Improved ZenCart Config Files

[download id="1"]

Improved config files only need DB information. URL related information and Folder location information are auto populated by PHP functions and server variables. Great for keeping the same file for both dev and production environment.

The default ZenCart config files lack some flexibility. In the last two years my team has developed these config files which we wanted to share with you. The main difference here is that the URL and the folders of the ZenCart website is auto-determined and there is no need to change them or edit this file if either one of these changes. One great usage is if you want to be able to copy your ZenCart files from one machine to another or from a dev environment to your production environment. These improved ZenCart config files make it easy.

Script to Configure IPTables on CentOS for WWW server

[download id="2"]

In order to simplify my work I have created this simple script that automatically configures iptables on CentOS for WWW server. It blocks everything except ports 80, 443, and 22 (http, https, and ssh respectively).

Script to Configure IPTables on CentOS to block certain IP ranges

[download id="3"]

Once I configure the iptables to only open the ports I need on the specific server, I use this script to block any suspicious activity like failed unauthorized ssh login attempts or spam blasters trying to abuse any contact form on the website. I usually trace the IP and if it is outside of the US I block the entire 255.255.x.x subnet. Sometimes the entire 255.x.x.x range. As long as you don’t block your own users, you should be fine.

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