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Coming Book Review for Magento: Beginner’s Guide

October 1st, 2009

Magento-for-Beginners-GuideI’ve recently been approach by a UK publisher, Packt Publishing, to review a new books about Magento. The book is called Magento: Beginner’s Guide and covers many aspects of the Magento eCommerce platform. In fact, it almost seem like an intermediate or even advanced from a merchant’s point of view. Here are a few pros and cons for this book which I drafted from a quick 10 minutes glance:


  • From the table of content, the book seem to be comprehensive and covers many parts of the Magento eCommerce.
  • The book has a duo setup of Author(William Rice) + Technical Reviewer(Jose Argudo) – which is promising.
  • Installation chapter includes FTP instructions and folder/file permissions instructions which is more than I have seen in similar books.


  • The book claims to target everyone. Realistically, this book seem to target smaller merchants who will be installing, setting up, and running the store themselves.
  • The book refers to a bit outdated version of Magento: 1.2.x.x. Not a big issue since Magento’s main features have not changed much.
  • Seem to be a bit technical for the average smaller merchants. Still remains to be seen how technical.

If you have any thoughts about this book or if you read it and have something to say about it, let me know.


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    This seems like a must read. I’ve wanted to learn Magento for a while to improve my overall web design skills and this would appear to be a good place to start, think I should be able to handle the technical aspects! Thanks!

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