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Response to Sitepoint Podcast #40: A Googol of Googles

January 29th, 2010

I wanted to respond to Sitepoint’s podcast #40 since I did not see a way to add a comment on the podcast page.

First let me say that I really enjoy the podcast produced by Kevin Yank and discussed by his colleges: Patrick O’Keefe, Brad Williams and others – keep up the great work guys!

Here is what I wrote in an email to Kevin, explaining what I think are some points that were missed from the podcast:

Hi Kevin,

I had a few comments about your podcast about the Google apps and services, #40. Sorry, to respond so late as I listen to the podcasts in my spare time.

I think you totally missed the point on a few items. What Brad, Patrick, and you often miss about Google’s moves is that you have to remember that Google is a business. So, if you try to look what makes them try new services you should not be naïve in thinking that they are simply ‘trying to make things better for everyone to use’. The catch is how are they going to make more money as a result of offering these services to the world. Here are a few points you may have missed in your show:

  1. Google Public DNS service – you forgot to mention that if many people use their DNS service, they can now tell where these people browse and spend their internet time even when outside the Google universe. For an internet company this gives tremendous insights on what to focus next and get a head of the competition.
  2. Google changes to the home page – notice how many changes Google has introduced in the last 12 months? Or 6 months? It seems to me that Microsoft’s Bing is causing a lot of these changes. Notice how Google changed their input box size and button shine after Bing was launched. This is all to not lose market share in the search game, etc. This is hardly a UI decision at heart.

When you start thinking on the business side, many other issues come to light. Please do not miss that in future podcasts as you may be doing disservice to your listeners.


Ron Peled

Web Development

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