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How to Use the Footer to Improve SEO and Increase Traffic

October 25th, 2008

The Footer is often overlooked by web designers and web developers alike. But it can be the hidden gem of any well thought website; delivering SEO optimization advantage and bringing additional traffic. Lately, it seems, the footer is showing a new trend in web design altogether. Let’s look at how we can combine beauty and brains in the innocent footer.

Can the Footer improve my SEO?

Yes. The footer is one of the elements of any good website that can boost the overall amount of traffic coming to your site. This is where you work on boosting the ranking of the collection of your pages and even the collection of your sites. The top of every page is SEO optimized for a specific subject which is supported by the page itself. The bottom of all your pages is SEO optimized for a wide range of subjects that is covered by your entire site.

In the recent past, the footer was where you placed the copyright statement and perhaps the link to the site map and the privacy policy. Later, websites started showing links to other important web pages or categories within the same site following the all pages should link to all pages within a site thinking. Today, the footer is used as a basket with all the important keywords and key-phrases.

All you got to do to use the footer for your site’s SEO is add a bunch of lists (<ul> , <li>) with relevant keywords. Ideally you have a page for each keyword and the list is actually a list of links to these pages. This optimized footer shows up on every page of your site – and vualla! you are keeping web crawlers happy.

Can the Footer be Pretty?

Of-course. While this is not a new concept, lately I see a trend in footers where they seem to receive more and more love from their designers and webmasters. Here are some screenshots from footers I thought looked good while delivering a nice SEO optimization advantage:

Footer on's footer

Footer: New York Times's footer

Footer Daily SEO's footer

The footer has, and is, evolving all tFooters In Modern Web Design: Creative Examples and Ideashe time. The latest trend seems to show that the footer is gaining brains and beauty. Most importantly, the footer is often overlooked but in fact, it is a great SEO tool!

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Inspiring Commentary Article on Web Design Practices

August 27th, 2008
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Written by Kimberly Elam, Web Design by Design made me think twice before running to draft the next web site design with our designer. This same minimalistic approach of almost too little but just enough to make a clear point approach is great because it begs for more. As Kimberly puts it, the user remains hungry for more information. And guess what they will probably do? call or email for more information!

This article highlites the a similar line of thought for successful web firms: they target what their clients need not what they can do with technology or design. Hence this comes to remind us that websites, in any aspect: design or web development, are here to serve the business. A website is just a tool not the goal.

This comes accross with our line of though at Activo: each one of our proposals begin with what are the goals in this project. In other words, what will we achieve by the following web development project?

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