Performance Optimization and Scalability

Activo offers performance optimization. We specialize in both the Apache/PHP/MySQL and the Windows Server with IIS and MS-SQL environments. Activo evaluates, restructures, and implements web environments to achieve maximum performance and scalability. Every website and web application has different characteristics and requires a specific configuration in order to achieve maximum performance.

Activo's team developed many web applications and is capable of identifying performance bottlenecks and can recommend better possible configurations. Before you purchase additional servers and bandwidth, it is important to apply best practices for performance optimization, some of them are:

  • Optimized code, efficient string manipulation techniques
  • Gzip web pages to conserve bandwidth
  • Maximal use of caching at all levels of your application: DB, DB Queries, Page caching, control or module caching, pre-compiling code
  • Web environment software versioning, some versions offer improved performance
  • Hardware specs
  • Server configuration (Load balancing pair, separation of DB and web servers, etc)
  • Network administration, reduce unnecessary traffic from your servers, or your routers has approached Activo for performance optimization. Activo evaluated, made recommendations, and implemented. The results: easier management, latest version of the software environment installed, which also reduces security vulnerability risks, and last added special caching and optimizer modules to the environment to avoid recompile of the same code on every page request.

The same site after implementing these performance optimizations recommendations was able to perform 100% better (the site was able to lower response time by ½) while reducing the number of servers used. Leaving with a better user experience, higher scalability, and plenty of room to expand.