Company Overview

Our team will always strive to earn your outmost respect by providing excellence. The quality of our work is what our clients remember. With over 7 years of experience in web development and client satisfaction, our team complements any web application and enhances its value significantly.

Activo is always on the look for new trends in the industry and new leaders in web applications. Our track record shows a consistent success in picking emerging leaders in e-commerce, content management systems, and web development frameworks. Often times, we recommend new direction and new technologies to our clients which saves a great deal of resources in the long run. Matching the right software to the right project as well as strategic architecture and development can save in development and maintenance resources and boost ROI.

Activo partners with industry leader companies such as Ektron to provide best of bread solutions to our clients. We are always looking for new partnerships and fresh ideas, please contact us if you have an interesting offer.

Activo is engaged in product development to enhance the products, frameworks, and open source projects we support. Check soon to find new add-ons, modules, extensions, widgets, and more!