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Content Management Systems

A web content management system is essentially a computer system used to manage and control a large, dynamic collection of web documents. A CMS facilitates document control, auditing, editing, and timeline management. A Web CMS provides the following key features:

Automated Templating:

Create standard visual templates that can be automatically applied to new and existing content, creating one central place to change that look across all content on a site.

Easily Editable Content:

Once your content is separate from the visual presentation of your site, it usually becomes much easier and quicker to edit and manipulate. Most CMS software include WYSIWYG editing tools allowing non-technical individuals to create and edit content.

Scalable Feature Sets:

Most CMS have plug-ins or modules that can be easily installed to extend an existing site's functionality.

Web Standards Upgrades:

Active CMS solutions usually receive regular updates that include new feature sets and keep the system up to current web standards.

Workflow management:

Workflow is the process of creating cycles of sequential and parallel tasks that must be accomplished in the CMS. For example, a content creator submits a story but it's not published on the website until the copy editor cleans it up, and the editor-in-chief approves it.

Document Management:

CMS solutions always provide a means of managing the lifecycle of a document from initial creation time, through revisions, publication, archive, and document destruction.

Ektron CMS400.NET


Activo builds and supports Ektron CMS400, one of the leading content management systems. Ektron CMS400.NET provides you with a single application for all the functionality necessary to create, deploy, and manage your website. Built on the Microsoft .NET platform, CMS400.NET is one of the leading CMS and document management systems (DMS) solutions available on today’s market.

By leveraging the capabilities of Ektron CMS400.NET, Activo helps you track, organize, present, and archive your website’s most dynamic content. Activo provides you the following offerings with Ektron CMS400.NET:

  • Building and maintaining your website with multiple authors and administrators, and easily tracking changes as well as who is responsible for which area of your website.
  • Integrated web analytics, blogging, and messaging boards.
  • Integrated document management system.
  • Website analytics.
  • Landing page management for your campaign managers and webmasters.
  • Memberships, subscriptions and web-based alerts for your site visitors.
  • Managed backup and replication.

Activo uses Ektron CMS400.NET for some of the Internet’s most complex websites. Check out some of our customers’ websites that Activo has developed with Ektron and learn how Activo can help your business today.


Joomla! CMS

Joomla is an award-winning open source Content Management System (CMS) that can help you build websites and online applications. Activo is an active member of the Joomla community, using Joomla’s technology platform to create even the most complex corporate websites and applications.

Joomla provides deep functionality for managing web content, as well as the capabilities for developing add-ons and extensions. Activo can use Joomla to develop the following applications on your website:

  • Document, image and multimedia management
  • E-commerce and shopping cart engines
  • Forums, blogging and chat areas
  • Email newsletters
  • Data collection and reporting tools
  • Integrated e-commerce and inventory control systems
  • Custom product catalogs

Activo leverages the power of the Joomla community to create results-driven websites. Check out some of our customers’ websites that Activo has developed with Joomla and learn how Activo can help your website drive your business.


Web Development

  • ASP.NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5
  • MS-SQL 2005, MS-SQL 2008
  • PHP + MySQL
  • AJAX: jQuery, Dojo
  • Zend Framework
  • Modile Web
  • eCommerce

Professional Services

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Performance Optimization
  • Website Maintenance
  • Web Design
  • Website Upgrades
  • AJAX Development
  • eCommerce Integration

From our Clients:

Activo’s assistance has been an essential factor in MESA developing a content rich website.  Activo’s services have proven invaluable with design, development, implementation, and support of the system our website is running on.  Without Activo’s assistance and direction our website would not be where it is today.

– Michael Villareal, SJSU MESA, Web Manager